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!FEST and their Loyalty Program – ‘LOKAL’ – Providing humanitarian support through customer loyalty



The eastern front of Ukraine is currently ablaze with the feverish fury of war instigated by the treacherous incursion of Russia’s belligerent forces. The horrors that have been unleashed upon the people of Ukraine are beyond comprehension – a violent storm of bloodshed, terror, and despair has ravaged the land, leaving behind a trail of destruction and sorrow. 

And yet, amidst the bleakness and desolation, a glimmer of hope has emerged – the indomitable resilience of the human spirit, shining through in the most unexpected of places. In the face of unspeakable adversity, the people of Ukraine have demonstrated a steadfast determination to persevere and hold on to their dignity and humanity amid chaos and devastation.

It is a tragic and beautiful paradox – a testament to the enduring strength of the human soul, even in the face of unimaginable suffering. As we bear witness to the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine, let us not forget the courage and resilience of those who are caught in the crossfire, and let us honor their sacrifice by standing with them in solidarity and compassion.

Finding hope in the most Loyal of places

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has brought together various organizations and volunteer groups to support those affected by the war. From providing first-aid kits to delivering food to displaced persons, these efforts have played a significant role in easing the suffering of those caught in the middle of the conflict. One organization that has stepped up in this regard is !FEST, has been assisting the war effort through various initiatives to provide humanitarian assistance to the people and army of Ukraine.

The !FEST Loyalty Program, named LOKAL  based on the Sparta Loyalty Platform, a loyalty and rewards platform offering an omnichannel loyalty ecosystem architecture. However, !FEST has taken the initiative to extramurally and with great initiative to expand its loyalty marketing efforts to support the war effort in Ukraine. Since the early days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, !FEST Loyalty Program has been actively involved in a number of initiatives to assist the people of Ukraine. 

At Sparta Loyalty, we are proud to offer our clients programs like LOKAL  that not only provide loyalty benefits but also contribute to the greater good. In light of the recent invasion in Ukraine, we have leveraged the functionality of our program to make a positive impact on the lives of Ukrainians.

Even before the start of the full-scale invasion, the !FEST company created its charity fundation “Fund of the Ones Who Care” to collect funds to support various social projects. After the start of the war, the fundation was repurposed to support the Ukrainian army and people who suffered from Russian aggression. People could donate to this fund not only with their own funds, but also those clients of the network who were members of the loyalty program could transfer their points (bofons) to it. As of today, the donation of our clients’ points (bofons) in the LOKAL mobile application, as well as !FEST’s founders’ decision to donate an equivalent sum of expired points to this foundation (12,656,315 bofons in total).

Additionally, the launch of the Punisher Beer Weekend was initiated to support craft breweries from all over Ukraine and raise money for the airstrike drone Punisher for the Ukrainian army. All payments for this mini-festival were done by bofons, by replenishing an account in advance in the LOKAL App. This initiative has already hosted six events, and the fundraising efforts are still ongoing.

Another initiative utilized by !FEST is the use of it’s program, LOKAL, for the collection and transfer of bofons (the local currency) to the Armed Forces. Members of the LOKAL community volunteered to donate their bofons, and in a matter of days, more than 4 million were collected and transferred.

We are also organizing events and creating special lines of products, with a portion of the proceeds from the sale going towards supporting the armed forces of Ukraine. Through !FEST and other intiatives, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world around us and supporting those in need.’ – Head of Customer Service, Irina Zaverbna.

!FEST’s ongoing initiatives;

Food Mission

!FEST’s “Food Mission” has provided meals to temporarily displaced persons in Lviv since the first days of the full-scale war. The initiative takes care of those who cannot get food for themselves and their loved ones because they had to flee their homes under shelling by Russian invaders. Working with World Central Kitchen partners in March and May, !Fest Loyalty Program managed to provide 30,000 meals per day for refugees every day without days off. The initiative operates in Lviv and in all cities where they can get their food mission on track to feed Ukrainians. Not only did !FEST provide meals with this initiative, but was able to collect an addition 132,693 UAH for bofons.

“Food per day” Packs

!FEST’s initiatives “Food per day” packs are a universal set of products intended for the nutrition of one adult per 24 hours (in case of lack of hot water) or per 36 hours (if there is access to hot water). Over 40,000 such packs were distributed throughout Ukraine in the first months of the Russian invasion. These packs are a lifeline for those who have been displaced and are in dire need of food.

TacMed Training

!FEST team offers TacMed training to civilians and army personnel. In February, it became clear that people needed to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. The people in !FEST Loyalty Program’s teams, who had nothing to do with the military, began to prepare for the medical front. They studied independently and learned from instructors worldwide, and now they share their knowledge and teach tactical medicine to those willing to learn. The training provided by !FEST’s Loyalty Program’s TacMed team is crucial in helping save battlefield lives. With a suitable first aid kit and knowledge, soldiers can receive emergency medical treatment.

Aviatsiya Halychyny and support of the Air Force of Ukraine

Another initiative involves the support of the Air Force of Ukraine by the Aviatsiya Halychyny project. By selling T-shirts and using their profits, Aviatsiya Halychyny was able to purchase navigation systems, off-road vehicles, and uniforms for the Air Force. They also created a fund to raise money for fighter jets, and the fundraising and search for the right aircraft are still ongoing.

Pravda Brewery Initiatives

The Pravda Brewery has also been involved in supporting the war effort. In addition to making Molotov cocktails in the early days of the invasion, they made their beer recipes and label visualizations available for use around the world, with the funds raised going towards supporting Ukraine. They also developed a label for volunteers in Germany, who sell the beer and send their earnings to support Ukraine. The funds received were used to purchase off-road vehicles and equipment for the frontline troops.

Old Lion Publishing House 

Old Lion Publishing House has been involved in transferring funds to the Come Back Alive Foundation and collecting and donating books to libraries and support centers for Ukrainian refugees in different countries. They have also organized concerts to raise money for cars and ambulances for the defenders of the Kharkiv region.

Events at !FESTrepublic

Despite the ongoing war, !FESTrepublic has continued to hold events and concerts, with proceeds going towards civil relief and military aid on the frontline. They have also been treating the military to coffee and providing humanitarian aid.

In conclusion, Ukraine has been rallying together to support its military and citizens in the face of ongoing war and invasion. !FEST and other organizations have been contributing to the war effort in unorthodox ways. By using a loyalty program (LOKAL in this case), they have been able to collect and transfer funds to support the Armed Forces and purchase necessary equipment and supplies. These initiatives are a testament to the resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people. Sparta Loyalty is very humbled and proud to be apart of such a broader loyalty community, especially to be partnered with !FEST.

Article also published in The Wise Marketer: https://thewisemarketer.com/cause-related-marketing/fest-and-their-loyalty-program-lokal/  

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