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Once your tailored loyalty program is ready, seamlessly implement it with the support of our experienced team. This integration ensures a smooth transition and comprehensive engagement with your customers, offering a holistic loyalty experience across all touchpoints


Business conception and procedures

Define with us the core components of business and marketing that are the foundation of the system. This system relies on a well-structured framework composed of precisely defined operational procedures. Through this systematic approach, businesses can streamline their operations, optimize customer engagement, and execute successful strategies with consistency and efficiency.


IT analysis

In the realm of IT, we engage in the comprehensive identification and analysis of business processes within the program. This involves a determination of details, a thorough assessment of the integration scope, and a precise examination of the data flow. By delving into the IT aspects of these processes, we pave the way for seamless system implementation and data management, ensuring the program’s efficiency and functionality.


Code implementation

Following the rigorous analysis stage, our team initiates programming tasks to tailor the Sparta product to meet the exact expectations that have been defined and described. This essential step involves the development of code and the implementation of technical solutions, ensuring that the program aligns perfectly with your unique requirements. Our dedicated programming efforts lead to a finely-tuned Sparta product that precisely matches your business needs.



The integration process of the Sparta System with external systems, including POS sales systems, the accounting system, and warehousing/logistics systems, is a crucial aspect of ensuring seamless operations. Our experts establish the necessary connections and data flows between these systems to harmonize your business processes, ultimately enhancing efficiency and accuracy. This integration empowers your business with real-time insights and streamlined operations across various domains.


System implementation

The installation and configuration process begins at the head offices, involving crucial elements such as the central system, host authorization and transaction processing, administration applications, a customer-friendly website, and seamless integration interfaces. The second phase delves into local implementation, focusing on the installation of an integrated POS sales system and any required supplementary equipment, like pin pads and scanners/readers. This dual-phase implementation approach ensures a comprehensive and effective setup for your business needs.


Training program

We offer a one-day training program designed for employees at the head office and shop managers. This comprehensive training includes electronic materials, operational procedures, and a final test to ensure trainees are well-prepared to maximize the system’s potential. It’s an essential step in ensuring the successful adoption and operation of the system.


Go live

The “go-live” phase marks the transition from testing to actual production. During this phase, we meticulously clean the system of all test data and replace it with real production data. This ensures that the system is fully operational and ready to serve your needs effectively from the moment it goes live.


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Discover how Sparta Loyalty can elevate your loyalty program.

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Sprawdź, jak Sparta Loyalty może ulepszyć Twój program lojalnościowy.