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What do marketing campaigns have to offer?


Campaign creation

The campaign creation process involves a logical sequence of elements that empower you to develop a comprehensive marketing process. When defining campaign details, specify partners, locations, customer segments, card types, and the campaign’s type (permanent or temporary). For temporary campaigns, set the duration, with an option for an informational description and internal tags to facilitate campaign identification. This structured approach ensures the effective planning and execution of marketing initiatives.



Create custom segments (member groups) based on selected criteria. These segments serve multiple purposes, including campaign assignments, promotions, outgoing correspondence, and report conditions. Segments can be dynamically updated, automatically adjusting based on daily or monthly checks of user-defined criteria. Users can craft segments with flexibility, considering factors like personal data, transactional history, and event data, ensuring precise and tailored audience targeting for various loyalty program initiatives.


Tailoring campaign with campaign actions

Define and tune every aspect of your loyalty program’s campaigns with nearly limitless possibilities of visual programming tools, while still remaining extremely user-friendly. The system supports a variety of actions, including point, rebate, coupon, and event actions, each with detailed configuration options to define participating partners, locations, segments, card types, action types, durations, and more. With these tools, you have total control over how your loyalty program operates, ensuring your campaigns are precisely tailored to your unique needs and goals.


Client communication

Efficiently create multi-channel engagement by orchestrating a multi-channel communication system. Create and send various types of messages to your customers, dividing them into automated event-triggered messages and manual messages. When creating a message, you specify the message type, priorities for sending channels, name, and selection of channels. Communication channels include email, text, website, mobile app, and POS. The system offers message templates, personalized targeting, and various communication channels for effective customer engagement.


Effects monitoring

Campaigns and their actions are displayed on a timeline for easy monitoring and can be modified. Each campaign is assigned performance indicators and results, including cost, points awarded, response rate, and increases in points, both for the campaign and individual actions. These indicators are also available for the entire loyalty program.


Marketing Analytics

Oversee the performance of your loyalty program using the comprehensive marketing analytics module. This all-in-one solution offers a wealth of essential KPIs and dashboards, allowing you to gain deep insights into program success and member behavior. With data organized and grouped by various criteria, you can keep a close watch on every aspect of your program’s performance.


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