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What does targeted couponing have to offer?


Creation, automatization, and distribution​

Tailor and define coupons to your specifications within the system, choosing attributes like type and expiry date. You can select your preferred distribution method, whether it’s automatic issuance, manual release, or customer activation. The platform manages diverse coupon types, including discounts, member-get-member offers, bonus points post-coupon use, and free product promotions, providing you with comprehensive control and flexibility in your loyalty program.


Coupon Activation

Activate and distribute coupons to customers via mobile apps, program websites, emails, or SMS. Upon activation by the user, these coupons can be utilized at the POS. Activation options include scanning the code from a paper coupon or smartphone, manual entry by the cashier, or automatic activation through customer identification, such as scanning their loyalty card during the transaction.


Partner Coupons

Create and manage partner coupons for use outside the program. These specialized coupons are designed to extend promotional opportunities beyond your program, helping you establish strategic partnerships and expand your reach. They can be efficiently activated and distributed to customers like any other coupons.


Marketing Campaigns

A campaign is defined as a sequence of marketing actions, such as point promotions, rebates, and coupons, coupled with targeted marketing communications. Engage customers through various channels like email, push notifications, SMS, and more with our comprehensive campaign management module. The platform’s flexibility empowers you to adjust actions based on ongoing campaign analysis, effectively shaping customer behavior.



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Discover how Sparta Loyalty can elevate your loyalty program.

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Sprawdź, jak Sparta Loyalty może ulepszyć Twój program lojalnościowy.