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The Sparta Gift Cards system offers a comprehensive solution for managing and handling gift cards within a retail chain while providing real-time reporting on program performance. This versatile system can seamlessly integrate with various systems like POS, e-commerce, mobile, and cafeteria, automating cashier processes or functioning independently through a user-friendly web application. It streamlines gift card/voucher operations and enhances the overall customer experience.


Creation and management

Discover an array of versatile functionalities. These allow you to define gift cards as virtual, physical, or wallet pass cards, specify denominations (predefined or open value), select the currency type, and choose whether to require a PIN code. Effortlessly set expiration dates for the gift cards, establish locations for card issuance and acceptance, create new card series, and decide between multiple-use and single-use cards. Furthermore, there are fixed and continuous series for generating and managing cards efficiently. This adaptability ensures that you can cater to a wide array of customer preferences and needs.


Virtual cards and wallet pass

We offer the flexibility of providing both virtual gift cards and gift cards as wallet passes. Effortlessly issue virtual gift cards that are compatible with mobile wallets, ensuring a convenient and digital gifting experience for customers. Additionally, the platform includes an intuitive drag-and-drop creator for crafting and customizing wallet passes, enabling you to offer both virtual and wallet pass gift card options. This diverse approach empowers you to cater to various customer preferences for their gift card choices.


Cards’ statuses

Within the system, gift cards, and vouchers can exist in different states. The “NEW” status represents their initial state, where they hold zero value and no expiration date, applicable to both physical cards awaiting production and virtual cards awaiting activation. Following activation through a sale or other means, they transition to an “ACTIVE” status, permitting their use until their designated expiration date. The system also accounts for “BLOCKED” cards/vouchers, temporarily rendered unusable due to user or API actions, but they can be reinstated for use. “WITHDRAWN” cards/vouchers, in contrast, enter a state with zero balance and no transaction capability, typically due to manual interventions. Lastly, “EXPIRED” status comes into play when cards/vouchers automatically become inactive after their predetermined date of expiry.


Gift cards for B2B operations

Undertake various bulk gift card operations. Specifically, for fulfilling B2B orders for electronic cards, you can generate a new card series, allocate an External Order Number, activate the series, and create and disseminate a file containing the cards. In the context of B2B orders for plastic cards, activate chosen cards/vouchers, assign an External Order Number, and generate and share a corresponding file. Additionally, the platform supports bulk cards operations, where you can select a range of cards/vouchers based on different criteria and execute operations such as activation, setting validity dates, topping up, replacement, blocking/unblocking, withdrawal, and file generation for sharing.


B2B gift cards management

The platform empowers you to generate reports using predefined system templates. These reports offer comprehensive insights into various aspects of the gift cards program. Tailor your reports by selecting templates, naming them, and choosing the format (CSV or XLS). Further specify recipients, scheduling intervals, and parameters like date ranges and card types. The generated reports are processed in the background, and their status can be tracked in the report list, where they can be downloaded. Create custom User Templates and restrict access, enhancing the flexibility of their reporting. These reports cover transaction history, card/voucher aggregates, historical balances, unused funds, and automatic accounting reports, facilitating a thorough program analysis.



Delve into our user-friendly interface with KPIs/Big Numbers that deliver a swift overview of cards management. These dynamic dashboards display essential metrics and data concerning gift card/voucher utilization. Access key information, such as activation counts, total amounts, payment statistics, expiration details, average transaction figures, and card/voucher balances. These KPIs are updated daily, providing valuable insights and enabling efficient management of the gift card program.


E-commerce integration

We offer seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, providing you with versatile options for selling physical, virtual, mobile, and email-based gift cards, each equipped with unique codes. This integration empowers customers to make secure payments using their gift cards, making use of the card number and PIN for e-commerce transactions. Easily manage and facilitate the admission of these gift cards/vouchers for use in their online stores, enhancing the shopping experience for customers.


POS integration

Integrate gift cards with Point of Sale (POS) systems, equipping you with essential features such as card activation, payment acceptance, balance checks, date validations, and optional card top-ups. The system streamlines daily transaction reporting for efficient reconciliation and financial management. This integration leverages web services (API) technology, allowing you to handle various aspects of the gift cards program within their physical stores. Activate cards, process payments, and optionally check balances and expiry dates, even accommodating returns and generating daily transaction reports as needed for comprehensive retail management.


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