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Sparta Loyalty Consulting

A comprehensive solution that allows you to build a loyalty program concept tailored to any specific customer.


Sparta Consulting Services

Loyalty program concept tailored to any specific customer​

At our organization, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business situation, enabling us to develop a customized strategy and a forward-thinking vision for several years. We not only provide support for your current program activities but also evaluate the effectiveness of the program and verify the initial assumptions. Our approach ensures that your loyalty program is continuously optimized and aligned with your business objectives.

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many years of experience

Influences process optimization

detailed personal customer database

We are trusted by many companies:


A business support service that relies on​

Creating the concept of loyalty programs in close cooperation with the customer.

Building the strategy of the program, definition of processes in the program together with a vision of development for the next years.

Creating a financing model and profit forecast for future years of the program

Establishing a calendar for promotion and communication in the program.

Ongoing program support.

Monitoring and control of the project in order to adapt it to the changing market specificities.

Main assumptions of our consulting service

A perfect loyalty program requires a solid foundation by understanding customer needs and industry specifics. To meet these expectations and based on many years of experience we offer you a product called Sparta Consulting Services. Our consultants will develop the concept of the program and support its running by evaluating its processes on an ongoing basis.

Professional analysis of the customer’s situation, creating the program strategy, defining processes in the loyalty program and a vision of development for the next years are the main assumptions of our consulting service.


We know that every customer has different needs

Bearing in mind that each business model is different, we treat each of our customers in with a priority and in an individual way. We know how important it is to fit the concept to the target group to which the customer’s loyalty program and sales model is dedicated. Therefore, a reliable analysis and development of marketing communication will allow you to create a program that will build a solid base of loyal customers. What’s more, thanks to the financial analysis of your investment, you will find out what profits your loyalty program will bring you.


Continuous development and improvement of your loyalty program

Our consultants will help you develop your loyalty program. Thanks to the project monitoring and control we can improve it on an ongoing basis and adjust it even more to the changing specificity of the market.

Sparta Loyalty Consulting

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Discover how Sparta Loyalty can elevate your loyalty program.

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Sprawdź, jak Sparta Loyalty może ulepszyć Twój program lojalnościowy.