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New realities in loyalty programs. Contactless solutions and the era of COVID-19.


*Cough, Sneeze, Cough* The pandemic continues to rage on and on, with little to no signs of slowing down. The scenario where the virus will be here with us for longer is becoming more and more likely and a staple to our reality. While everyone is hoping for a faster return to our familiar and comfortable routine, there is still the need to prepare your business for the new reality we are facing. 

How will you stand out? What implementations should be enacted to stay relevant whilst being cautious? One of the most important alternatives and modalities that cannot be ignored are those related to the non-contact or touchless operation. These solutions are important not only in terms of sanitation, but also in terms of the facilities they provide to customers.

Digitization – allowing you to opt out of using cards with every transaction

The first step in this new perspective is to give up your plastic loyalty cards and move to a digital platform. This concept follows a basic non-contact solution that allows you to keep a greater distance, allowing for social distancing. The best way to conceptualize this is to think as if you were your client and how they would participate in this new solution. Does your client have to use the application every time transaction or service? Maybe the application is able to provide you with data that will allow you to take advantage of the points/coupons as part of the loyalty program? 

A digital solution is an active step in the right direction as it will prove to be helpful not only for sanitary reasons. It will also work when the customer does not simply have the appropriate card on his person. I can guarantee that has happened to you more than once!

As part of the Spartavity system, we provide opportunities that will allow you to take advantage of discounts when the customer provides their relevant data. An interesting idea is also to allow the customer to generate a discount in advance, which he has the option of redeeming during the next shopping. Thanks to this, it will be counted during the next transaction made by your customer in the store. As part of our system, we have the ability to provide such an option without time limits. This is a simple and flexible opportunity for a loyalty program participant, which does not require him to comply with the dates. It also serves as a contactless and safe solution. 

Don’t forget about online opportunities

Numerous restrictions, as well as repeated lockdowns, make customers change their focus to online opportunities and services rather than physical ones. Regardless of whether this choice results from habits or maybe from current bans, if you offer the possibility of joining a loyalty program, do not forget to design it in such a way to have the benefits available digitally. 

Remember that logging into the loyalty program should be easy for every client, and the rules and profits of participation should be clear and transparent. By giving such opportunities, you contribute to building further relationships with your client. The person who shops with you will remember that, if necessary, they can take advantage of the benefits received not only in the physical sense, but also via the means of an online modality. 

Digitisation, as well as the option to opt out of cards, is another initiative worth introducing now. Even after the pandemic is well and truly over, it will be attractive to customers. Here at Sparta Loyalty we also offer them as part of implementations in your new loyalty program, if we wish to join with us.

Innovations, dynamic solutions and the post COVID world

A year ago, none of us would have foreseen such a pandemic scenario and the length at which some of us were in lockdown. As a result it is wise to keep an open mind in these times of uncertainty. 

That is why flexibility and careful observation of changes are so important, especially regarding your customer base. Analyze the market and think about next solutions that you can provide your customers in a contactless environment. The ones we described earlier can be implemented in your loyalty program immediately. It is also very important that the customer visiting your store, service point or company simply feels safe and is not exposed to unnecessary contact and maintains social distancing policies where possible.

Market trends show, however, that the topic of non-contact solutions implemented in various fields will be one of the most important new products and will continue to develop over the years. Already now, some systems also have the option of mobile payment. We ourselves, as customers, can in many ways limit the contact with cashiers and other people as much as possible when shopping in stores. So what’s next?

In this, no one knows for sure the answer to this question. However, we know what opportunities you can take advantage of now. Contact us here at Sparta Loyalty and we can help you design and implement a loyalty program that will provide reciprocity and repurchase, but also create a safe environment for your customers that they can trust. 

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