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Ziko Dermo is a professional drugstore selling dermo-cosmetics and consulting in the field of holistic care. Their offer includes the best quality Polish and world brands, and the service is carried out by specialized dermo-consultants. Ziko Dermo stores – as the founders write – were created for women who express their self-confidence and care for their bodies through conscious and constant consideration.

The main goal of Ziko Dermo during the introduction of the loyalty program was to strengthen the brand’s position in the Polish market and to enable a solid line of professional communication with its customer base. The company also really wanted to know the needs of its users in order to perfectly match their tastes and individual requirements regarding beauty, health, and lifestyle. For this purpose, it has not only provided a space with advice from qualified dermo-consultants, but also took care of a whole range of discounts, promotions, and special events.

– Ziko Dermo is a drugstore unlike any other. We try very hard to help our clients make the right choices every day. We hope that Ziko Klub and concise communication will make us even closer to them, and interactions with our customers will allow us to create even better offers than before – not only in terms of products but also related to our pro-health and promotional campaigns – says Magdalena Grabowska, Director of Marketing for Drugstore Ziko Dermo.

Goals set for the loyalty program

Building lasting relationships with customers while promoting loyalty to drive purchases were the most important goals of implementing the Sparta Loyalty platform.

The Ziko Dermo company also wanted to:

  • a) increasing the frequency and size of the shopping basket
  • b) inducing customers to repeat purchases
  • c) increasing the propensity for recommendations among your clientele
  • d) providing accurate, reliable, and effective segmentation and planning of promotional data on users

– From the very beginning, we wanted to invite as many of our clients as possible to the program. By examining their purchasing preferences, we were able to better adapt both the product offer and additional consulting services to the actual needs – adds Magdalena Grabowska from Ziko Dermo. – As a result, the advice is given and the products sold give profits to both parties – us with higher sales and good relations, customers with a well-groomed complexion, body, shopping at attractive prices, and the certainty that the company cares about them.

Everything at hand

The Ziko Dermo application and loyalty system is a place where the client has all the most necessary information – she can not only check the latest promotions but also find the nearest drugstore quickly.

Benefits from installing the Ziko Klub application:

1. Ziko Dermo drugstore locator

In the application, you can not only find the nearest drugstore location but also plan a route to it. The customer has access to regularly updated opening hours of all points and a direct telephone number through which he can contact a dermo-consultant ready to provide cosmetic advice.

 2. Full promotional and discount offer of Ziko Dermo

In the application, you can conveniently browse leaflets, promotions, and discounts related to the so-called week with the brand and check current competitions.

3. The mobile Ziko Klub card and the ability to log into the individual Member’s account

Everyone who logs in to Ziko Klub has the loyalty card always with them thanks to the application. At any time, he can check the status of points on his account, view the current catalog of rewards, and verify his data and history of purchases.

4. Tips and inspiration for health and beauty

In the application, you can read articles and blog entries prepared by Ziko Dermo experts, from which clients will learn how to stay healthy and beautiful for longer. There is also up-to-date advice on dermo-cosmetics, skin and hair tests, and a healthy lifestyle.

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