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How Omnichannel Marketing and Loyalty Strategies Retail During the Euro 2024 Cup

The UEFA European Championship, or Euro 2024, is not just a grand stage for football but also a prime opportunity for brands to engage with millions of passionate fans worldwide. Retailers and marketers are leveraging omnichannel marketing strategies and loyalty programs to capitalize on this event. This article explores how various brands are making the most of Euro 2024 through innovative campaigns and promotions.

Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

1. Lidl Polska’s Loyalty Push

Lidl Polska has launched a competition offering 50 exclusive travel packages to the Euro 2024 knockout stage, including the grand final. This initiative is not just about giving away tickets; it’s about engaging customers through their Lidl Plus app. Participants must scan their receipts via the app, fostering continuous engagement and driving repeat purchases.

2. Special Offers for Football Fans

Lidl has also introduced special offers on match-day snacks, such as discounted sunflower seeds and roasted peanuts, alongside deals on grilling essentials. Additionally, Lidl Plus app users can benefit from further discounts. For instance, between June 13 and 15, all Snack Day chips and crisps are available at a “2+1 for a penny” promotion. Users making purchases over specific thresholds can also unlock additional discounts.

3. Adidas’s Euro 2024 Campaign

Adidas is capitalizing on Euro 2024 by integrating special offers and exclusive content within their mobile app. Participants can share photos in their national team colors, with the chance to be featured within the app. This not only boosts user engagement but also builds a community around the event.

Enhanced Brand Engagement through Content and Social Media

1. Captivating TV and Digital Audiences

TV remains a dominant channel for reaching large audiences during Euro 2024. For example, ITV’s coverage of the tournament offers brands a platform to showcase their campaigns to millions. Scottish soft drink brand Irn-Bru has launched a campaign that runs across various channels, including TV, Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, and on-demand platforms like Amazon Prime Video.

2. Influencer Partnerships

Lidl’s campaign includes a significant influencer marketing component. By working with influencers, Lidl is not only increasing brand visibility but also ensuring that its message reaches a broader and more diverse audience. This approach reflects a broader trend where brands are allocating more budget to influencer partnerships to amplify their reach.

3. Community Engagement through Fan Experiences

Beyond traditional advertising, brands like Coca-Cola and Lidl are creating immersive fan experiences. These include fan zones and viewing parties that offer fans a communal way to enjoy the matches. For instance, Mundial publisher Footballco’s Hotel Mundial offers a unique viewing experience with live podcast recordings, video games, and art, sponsored by brands like Budweiser and Reebok.

Leveraging Loyalty Programs

1. Interactive and Rewarding Campaigns

Lidl’s “Szczęśliwa Bramka” (Lucky Goal) campaign exemplifies how loyalty programs can be interactive and rewarding. Customers who scan their Lidl Plus app during purchases get a chance to participate in a virtual penalty shootout, winning additional discount coupons for each goal scored. This gamification of shopping not only incentivizes repeat visits but also enhances the overall shopping experience.

2. Mascot Opportunities for Kids

In another unique campaign, Lidl used its loyalty app to offer families a chance for their children to become official team mascots. This campaign recruited around 1,000 children who will be transported to Germany, creating memorable experiences and positive brand associations. Short documentaries of these journeys will be promoted on social media, further engaging customers.


Euro 2024 presents a golden opportunity for retailers to engage with millions of football fans. By combining omnichannel marketing strategies with innovative loyalty programs, brands like Lidl and Adidas are creating memorable experiences and fostering deeper customer connections. As the tournament progresses, these strategies will not only drive sales but also build lasting brand loyalty.


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