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Is time for a Gift Card in your company? – Sparta Loyalty has a comprehensive solution for you


When we perceive what to give to our loved ones on special occasions, it can be at times challenging or even downright difficult. But here at Sparta, it seems we have a solution for you.

Gift cards are a brilliant and easy way to resolve the menacing issue of gifting. Albeit an established system already, it is an interesting alternative to a standard ‘gift’. This is due to the fact that at times, we can make incorrect purchases which in turn create a very uncomfortable cycle of returning gifts, or even in the worst-case scenario, having aroused complaints and complications. A gift card is also an opportunity to give someone a gift that represents a utility or more so an appreciation for a product or specific service which that individual harbours a particular interest. Seems simple, right? 

But when taking it from a business perspective it is also a solution that can work in virtually any company’s space, provided they deal with products and/or services. If you are in the market to implement such a system and are looking for effective solutions, then read on as we will outline how Sparta Loyalty is leading the way. 

Gift Cards – will they work in your company’s space? 

You already know what possibilities gift cards offer to consumers. However, from the company’s perspective, is this range equally wide, and is the solution worth financially introducing? There is a reason why gift cards are used in many businesses based on both sales and service statements. 

They offer a number of potential possibilities – as they can be an interesting alternative to a discount that will encourage the customer to return to your company. All you have to do is give him the card for the selected amount purchase amount. They are a great solution for possible returns also as they allow you to keep the earnings in your company while offering a compensation tool. They will also prove useful when you want a part of your income to be donated to charity, come tax time. The possibilities are endless it seems!

As you can see, there are many scenarios for using gift cards. However, before starting the implementation into your company, you must ask yourself a fundamental but basic set of questions;

  • What is the purpose of introducing gift cards in your business? 
  • What goals are they supposed to represent?
  • Is this financially suited to your business model? 

The search for answers to these questions is also the starting point for cooperation on the implementation of gift cards for our clients

Choose a solution that will allow you to fully handle gift cards

When you decide to introduce gift cards, you need a comprehensive solution. You require a  system that will allow you to manage all gift cards in your company. In addition, it will be supplemented with technology that can be used by the customer service representative. Also, you cannot forget about the recipient himself, as an easy interface is paramount.

A dedicated tool for your gift card solution should also appear in your system which, allows you to check the available funds, transaction history, as well as the expiry date of the card itself. The solution offered by Sparta Loyalty combines each of these aspects. Thanks to our solution, you can comprehensively handle gift cards at every level, and the funds earned during the sale will be quickly transferred directly to your business account. 

Step-by-step introduction of gift cards – use the help of Spartavity experts

Each introduction of gift cards begins with a clear outline of their intended purpose and plan for implementation. With this system in place, we can also define important KPIs – parameters that will be tested later to be able to check if the gift cards were successful or what aspects should be changed. 

By introducing cards, you gain access to the entire system, allowing you to manage them on the levels we described earlier. Your recipients, on the other hand, can use the donated funds both when shopping online and in a store or service point. Both you and your employees also receive knowledge and support that will allow you to work effectively with gift cards after their implementation. 

If you are still thinking about introducing gift cards, please contact us at Sparta Loyalty. We will discuss the case of your business and consider appropriate solutions. We will prepare your business for the implementation of gift cards, even before the period when customers most often think about gifts.

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