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The end of the vacation season is a time for reflection and implementation for your business. At Sparta Loyalty, we pay attention to three important aspects of change.


Sunshine, beaches and great times are the pinnacle elements that regard a successful summer. With these positive elements in mind, businesses have the chance to reflect on how they can adjust their fiscal and marketing goals for the following year. One can say that this is the time that it is worth considering what actions to implement during the last, upcoming months of the year. This is a good time to develop an action strategy, and also to be more active after a short holiday relaxation (As we all know – a break is a substrate for a fresh mind). If you are also wondering what steps to take to end this year well, then I implore you to read our article. You will find the correct steps that you can implement immediately, and which will translate into positive results for your company. 

First of all – make time to summarize and draw conclusions

The first step is to conduct an analysis of the performance that you have achieved since the beginning of the year. Going back to the goals you set at the threshold of 2021 and thinking about implementing both those set in numbers and the changes and innovations that were to be introduced. Are they still valid? And if not, what can you do to quickly implement improvements Or perhaps you managed to progress in the aspects that you previously thought were important to you? If so, July and August are probably the first months after the changes were introduced. Checking your analysis. whilst using clear marketing plans and strategies (especially in the case of your loyalty program, you get a plan created by our experts from Sparta Loyalty). These are the key initial steps to get you on the right track. 

Following on, it is time for summaries. This is the moment to verify some beliefs you have about your business. These include the changing reality in which we currently live and the fact that many customers are still affected by the effects of the pandemic. Just these basic elements have a profound influence on consumer trust and behaviour. 

Another affirmation is that you need to examine is to see if the recipients still react positively to your offer. It is fundamental to check which areas currently need your attention;

  • Are the regular customer groups still active? 
  • Perhaps your target group has changed slightly? 
  • What has affected your customer group the most of the last year?

Each of these pieces of information will be valuable and necessary in order to move on to the next point.  

Create a strategy in the places that are most important to success – introduce changes 

After conducting an in-depth analysis, it is time to start to introduce changes. If the elements that require the most attention have been defined, it is time to plan specific implementations – those that will bring results in the short and long term. 

In the case of a loyalty program, you can, among other things, work on the principle of communication. Look for new channels, expand on them, or the contrary – create more targeted aspects of communication. 

Consider the mechanisms that are designed to activate participation in your program for your customers. Thanks to Sparta Loyalty and our platform, you are able to gather all of this data which can inform you about the level of participation in your program. This is paramount as you are able to easier identify which areas need improvement.

Then it is time to consider introducing a new possible offer or augmenting an existing one to keep up to date with current market demand. To achieve this you need to ask yourself a few fundamental questions;

  • Are the bonuses you have proposed so far still attractive? 
  • Will the customer be able to use them even in the event of a possible subsequent lockdown and other restrictions? 
  • Are there pandemic situations that you can prepare for today?

A good plan can help you in more difficult circumstances, but a great plan can help you succeed in the worst possible of circumstances.

Do not be afraid of new solutions – introduce gift cards to your business

When thinking about activities for the next six months, do not focus only on the pattern that has been followed so far. Perhaps this is a good time to consider expanding your offer. An interesting solution may be, among others, the introduction of gift cards. Why is it worth thinking about it in November?  

This is a good time to start the implementation due to a few factors; your business will be ready for the holiday season and ‘Black Friday Sales’, during which gift cards are certainly most useful. By starting work early enough, you will prepare yourself from the technical side, introduce employees and communicate the possibility of using the gift card to your clients. 

Gift cards are a good solution when you want to expand the group of people using your products or services. The recipients are potential new customers of your brand. It is also a safe option in the event of any pandemic restrictions – the cash will remain in your company and the card itself can be used after the closing period.

Gift cards are also a remedy for your other problems. Are you struggling with returns? Instead of giving away cash, consider a gift card. Thanks to this solution, the client gains compensation, and you keep the money in the company.  

When planning the next few months, start with three simple steps. By implementing them today, you have the chance to achieve great results at the end of the year. If you want to work on your loyalty program, need consultation or plan to implement gift cards – contact us. We will help you at every stage thanks to our expert team here at Sparta Loyalty.

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