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R-GOL.com is the largest football store in Poland. It offers a tremendous selection of equipment from all major manufacturers, professional service, and attractive prices. Today, thousands of football lovers use the store’s assortment – the youngest, with a special KIDS zone, as well as amateurs and professionals.

They can buy football products in the constantly developed online store and brick-and-mortar outlets, including a multifunctional football training and entertainment center in Warsaw.

R-GOL.com focuses on good relations with customers. That’s why it offers free express shipping, gifts with the purchase of shoes, embroidered studs, and prints on clothing. For this reason, he introduced gift cards, which are convenient to use, because they are available in the omnichannel model.

– A store selling sports accessories often attracts consumers who are passionate about a particular sport. These are usually customers who are very aware of what they need. In addition, the owners of a large part of the accessories are often used in a given sport. In this case, the inclusion of gift cards has two essential goals. First of all, it becomes an excellent solution for those who want to give a footballer something special but need to know which items from the collection are already available for sale. Secondly, it is also a help for football enthusiasts who want to attract friends or family to their world – explains Filip Zajdel, Business Development Manager at Sparta Loyalty.

Gift cards R-GOL.com

For the needs of the R-GOL.com store, we have prepared and implemented a system that manages the offer of gift cards – physical and electronic, with unique graphics. Cards are available in the omnichannel model – so they can be purchased and used in any sales channel – online store or physical outlet. This gives card users much freedom and allows them to choose the most convenient purchase form. It is also an excellent convenience for buyers of such a gift – the card can be purchased without leaving home and, within a maximum of 10 minutes, have it in the e-mail inbox.

The essential advantages of R-GOL.com gift cards that Sparta Loyalty has helped create:

  • Purchase of the card is possible online and in stationery stores
  • card value from 20 to 2000 PLN
  • card valid for 12 months
  • shopping with a gift card in stationary and online stores
  • e-gift cards sent immediately to the indicated e-mail address
  • The value of the card or the amount remaining on it can be checked on the store’s website by entering the card’s PIN and barcode

More information about the cards can be found at R-GOL.com: https://www.r-gol.com/strony/karty-podarunkowe

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