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How to gain 12000 new clients in a month? Sparta Loyalty presents Gatta Club, our latest loyalty program


How to gain 12000 new clients in a month? Sparta Loyalty presents Gatta Club, our latest loyalty program

The proof is in the pudding! On average 12.000 new customers monthly, an increase in the value of the basket by almost PLN 29 gross, 55% share of loyalty transactions in total sales – these are the effects of introducing a loyalty program from Sparta Loyalty.

Gatta is a Polish brand owned by FERAX, a leader in the production of hosiery in Poland. Gatta products are available in company salons in the largest cities in Poland and in other lingerie retail stores. They are also sold in other European Union countries, as well as in the USA and Australia.

Like all retail companies that possess vision, Gatta decided to implement a loyalty program to understand its customers better, communicate with them more effectively, strengthen the brand’s position and increase sales. This is due to the modern and respected value that companies are now placing on loyalty and customer experience as a whole.

– The hosiery industry is not saturated with sales innovations, including loyalty programs. For us, offering additional solutions to facilitate shopping and support brand loyalty is an important step for us to distinguish ourselves from others and build a leadership position in our sector – says Bogdan Nowicki, Retail and Expansion Director at Gatta. We chose Sparta Loyalty, the producer of the Sparta Loyalty Loyalty Ecosystem, to cooperate. Before the new system, we set specific goals, including increasing sales in chain stores, building a database, and increasing the company’s turnover.

The loyalty program prepared for Gatta’s needs is based on awarding points for purchases and as a result, they translate into discounts. The program participant receives a card in physical or virtual form, and access to an online account, through which he/she can, among other things, check the number of points accumulated or find out about current promotions and discounts.

– We wanted the solution we prepared to be as intuitive as possible and to allow Gatta’s clients to be highly independent in managing their participation in the program. The Loyalty Insight study conducted in 2022 shows that 84% of consumers join the program when it has simple and clear rules and 80% – when the registration process is quick and hassle-free. 83% appreciate the discounts they keep for participating in the program. However, customers do not like to lose control over the points they have – 37% complain that the points expire. The solution is constant and easy access to the account with information about the number of accumulated points. The system at the disposal of Gatta customers provides them with constant access to full information about their account status, discounts, promotions, and expiring points – says Tomasz Wawrzynów, General Director of Sparta Loyalty.

The benefits of implementing the loyalty program were particularly noticeable during the difficult time of the pandemic for trade. Only in 2021, did loyalty sales account for almost 55% of total salon sales, and the average loyalty basket was higher than the standard basket by almost PLN 29 gross. The customer base reached the level of 870000, of which almost 320000 were active (with at least 1 transaction) in the last 12 months. Importantly, an average of 12000 people signed up for the program at that time. customers per month.

– Today we can say with full conviction that we have achieved the goals set before the implementation of the loyalty program. We know our customers and we are in contact with them, which translates into increased sales and an increasingly stronger position for the Gatta brand on the market – sums up Bogdan Nowicki.

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