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Sparta Loyalty and LOTOS would like to announce the relaunch of Navigator


A Modernized Navigator: Sparta Loyalty provides a comprehensive loyalty management system for LOTOS

LOTOS Paliwa Sp. Zoo. implemented the relaunched and updated Navigator loyalty program management system at its stations. The solution is built upon the Sparta Loyalty Platform and handles billing, discounts, and coupons for its customers. As part of the project, Sparta Loyalty launched the Navigator mobile application for LOTOS Paliwa, in which customers use the application via activating a virtual loyalty card.

LOTOS S.A, the provider of more than 520 petrol stations nationwide, has invested heavily in its Navigator loyalty program. For the implementation of the project, LOTOS opted to go with Sparta Loyalty, which has extensive experience in building loyalty ecosystems, particularly for the oil and gas industry.

– The aim of the project was to provide LOTOS with a tool that will allow the company to conveniently and flexibly manage promotions at its petrol stations, without technological restrictions, says Tomasz Wawrzynów, CEO of Sparta Loyalty, a Krakow-based IT company that builds and implements comprehensive loyalty programs and architecture. – We have proposed the most comprehensive and modern version of our platform, thanks to which LOTOS will be able to serve its customers more effectively.

The fuel industry eagerly and effectively uses loyalty programs. Participation in them is one of the key elements of their success. As Sparta Loyalty specialists admit, a loyalty program well suited to individual customer needs guarantees an increase in the program participant’s basket by up to several percent.

– Consumers simply like when the station is close to their home and gives them more than just fuel. We have to refuel the car very regularly, so why not get a free coffee, hot dog or wash the car for free? – says Tomasz Wawrzynów. – A phenomenon in building loyalty in the oil & gas industry is that after receiving a card, almost everyone subconsciously becomes a loyal customer. Today, this is a great value for companies, which translates into better sales.

The Sparta Loyalty Program system implemented at LOTOS is a version developed individually for the client’s needs. It allows not only to easily process transactions at stations online but also enables efficient management of discount promotions, spending points, and the launching of various coupon promotions. Importantly, the system processes all these transactions in real-time. As part of the project, the Sparta Loyalty team also built a call center module for the Navigator loyalty program, handling applications from program participants, and a marketing communication module that allows for personalization and targeting of the LOTOS offer.

Customers can also use the mobile application of the loyalty program, where they can register their virtual card, order rewards, and be up to date with LOTOS-related news, offers, and promotions.

This is not the first collaboration between LOTOS and Sparta Loyalty. In 2016, the Krakow-based company provided Sparta Gift Cards for LOTOS petrol stations.

In Poland, the Sparta Loyalty Platform, a system for managing the loyalty program, Sparta Loyalty’s marketing and promotional tools, is used by, among others: Vistula Retail Group (Bytom), InPost, New Balance, Spar, Taranko, Briju or Szachownica.

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