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September Newsletter Sparta Loyalty 10th Edition

September Newsletter Sparta Loyalty 10th Edition

Newsletter Summary – September 10th Edition 🔍📊

1. Annual Sparta Loyalty – ‘Loyalty Survey’

✅It’s your chance to shape the future of customer loyalty! Sparta Loyalty is conducting a comprehensive study on loyalty programs’ impact on business success. Your input not only contributes to this industry-shaping study but also grants you early access to the results. Plus, a chance to win a €50 Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation. Ready to lend your expertise?

2. Annual Gift Card Survey (Polish Version Available)

✅Explore the real value of gift cards in business! Sparta Loyalty invites marketers and managers to participate in an anonymous survey. The insights will be shared in a comprehensive report.

3. Sparta Loyalty at The BIG Handshake

✅Sparta Loyalty is proud to be the Gold Sponsor of The BIG Handshake (TBH) event in Amsterdam on October 16th-17th. Join industry leaders for inspiring speeches, workshops, and networking opportunities. Discover the latest in loyalty marketing and AI-driven customer engagement.

4. Subway’s MVP Rewards

Subway unveils its MVP Rewards program, offering enticing perks and a fresh loyalty experience for all MyWay members in North America. Dive into the details and discover how Subway is adapting to customer preferences.

5. Unlocking Customer Loyalty in the Social Media Age

✅Explore the dynamics of customer loyalty in the digital landscape. A report from Khoros reveals key strategies to maximize brand engagement. Discover the role of discounts, custom rewards, and online platforms in building loyalty.

6. Modernizing Loyalty Programs in 2023

✅Learn how major players like Macy’sStarbucks, and Best Buy are revamping their loyalty programs in 2023 to meet evolving customer needs. Discover the importance of personalization and tailored benefits in boosting loyalty and sales.

7. Domino’s Reshapes Loyalty Rewards

✅Domino’s Pizza is shaking up its loyalty rewards system with lower thresholds and early redemptions. Dive into the changes and see how Domino’s aims to stand out in the competitive fast-food industry.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates from Sparta Loyalty! 💡🚀

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