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Sparta Loyalty Presents Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Sparta Loyalty Presents Net Promoter Score

📊 On a scale from 1 to 10, how much would you like to keep your product relevant? 📊

We’ve all encountered this question at least once, haven’t we? But why do they keep showing up and why are they so important? Those are called the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It is a metric in marketing used to measure customer loyalty to the company. In its simplest form, it revolves around asking customers a single straightforward question: “How likely are you to recommend our company to your friends?” The response can range from 0 to 10. Optionally, you can follow up with an open-ended question requesting feedback related to the given score. Customers who respond are categorized into three segments based on their ratings:

🚀 Promoters – those who rate 9 or 10, representing the most satisfied customers who would readily recommend your services to others.

😐 Neutrals – customers providing a score of 7 or 8, indicating they might switch to a competitor without a compelling offer.

👎 Critics – individuals scoring 0 to 6, signifying negative experiences with your company, potentially deterring potential clients.

This segmentation allows you to tailor your marketing or promotional strategies to specific customer groups, ultimately enhancing their perception of your company.

In keeping with the NPS methodology, we’ve created a platform at Sparta Loyalty that enables you to effortlessly generate and tailor surveys to your specifications. When initiating a new survey within the Sparta Loyalty Platform, simply mark the “NPS Survey” option. Doing so will unlock a range of customization possibilities. You’ll have the flexibility to compose your own query and, if desired, include an open-ended follow-up question. It’s worth noting that each NPS survey is intentionally structured to encompass a single set of questions, ensuring a sleek presentation and delivering the most impactful results. Once you have your NPS survey all set and ready to go, the next step is distribution, and that’s where our software truly shines. Our user-friendly email creator and editor provide a seamless way to incorporate the survey into your email template with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Once your email is crafted, you have several distribution options to choose from:

🤖 Automated Transactional Sending – You can opt to send the survey immediately after a transaction or with a predefined delay. This automated approach allows for precise analysis based on transaction details and customer location.

📬 Mass Survey Sending – For broader outreach, our system enables you to dispatch NPS surveys to your entire customer base or select groups, all made effortless by our segmentation feature.

📆 Scheduled Survey Sending – Finally, you have the flexibility of setting a regular survey sending frequency, be it weekly, monthly, and so on. 

Once your surveys have been successfully dispatched and the responses start rolling in, you may wonder what comes next. That’s where our NPS Dashboard, an integral part of our Back Office, steps in to provide valuable insights derived from the survey data. Within this dashboard, you’ll gain access to a plethora of meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs), with NPS naturally taking center stage. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of trends and progress, these KPIs are visually represented in the form of time-based charts. Among the most crucial metrics are: the actual NPS score, the total count of surveys sent, the number of surveys completed, NPS distribution over time, and the breakdown of promoters, neutrals, and critics, among many others.

Utilizing the wealth of data provided by NPS surveys allows you to gain deep insights into your customers’ needs, not only as a collective but also within various subgroups. This knowledge empowers you to customize your product or services to cater to the unique preferences and highest expectations of each customer. By doing so, you can steadily cultivate a strong and loyal customer base. Furthermore, leveraging NPS data effectively enables you to adapt to the ever-changing and evolving market, ensuring your relevance for years to come.

If you’re eager to explore more of what we have to offer, stay tuned for the upcoming Sparta Loyalty newsletter!

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