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How to find love in all the right places. Customer loyalty and your target group.


How lovely it is to fall in love isn’t it? With love we know that the heart of any good relationship is creating a strong bond with your partner and fostering loyalty throughout the ages. It is very much the same when approaching a customer base. These are the people to whom your product is directed at and communicated at. So why not build something together?

But like all relationships in our life we need to be able to identify the ones that matter; friends, family, mentors – and those that do not. This is the exact same ethos when it comes to loyalty programs. Can you identify your target correctly? Why is it so important to get to know your target group well before starting activities with a loyalty program? Well this article will explore these facets and teach you how you can use our acquired knowledge in practice and how to reach the most important group for you. Oh, and this can be transferable to other areas of your life too!

Who should use your services? Who is the buyer of your product?

When introducing a new product to the market or designing a service, you should always consider your target audience and the goal you wish to achieve. So with that in mind thorough research should be the hallmark of any plan.

Identifying your customer base earlier in development makes it a lot easier down the road to recognize if your product hits its target. Several factors should be considered when choosing your recipients. These factors include standard-set demographics regarding age/gender/socioeconomic. The true key to success in this stage is encompassing factors regarding how relatable the product is to that specific demographic and if they truly can relate to it. Furthermore you can refine the features of your product to suit those demographics, as the product is being developed (quite useful I would say).

Furthermore, you can ask yourself a few questions about the characteristics and habits of your clientele which can also help tailor your product. Thinking about the needs, or maybe the problems that your product or service is the answer to also is a valuable piece of information. Other factors such as their profession, the environment in which they function in, or even whether they have cultural preference are also keen ideas to keep in mind. Specifying the target group will also help you in subsequent communication down the road as well. This will also coincide and help facilitate the analysis of its effect and whether it is truly achieving what it set out to do.

Or maybe you wish to create a persona?

Creating a persona and using that persona is a valuable tool used by many marketers and would-be entrepreneurs. From creating brand identity to market share in ‘5 minutes’; the internet is full of officandos who claim to be the best. But how do we know which method is truly ironclad?

The assumption is simple – you choose a person who is a potential recipient of your services or product. You give it as many features as possible that you can imagine.  After that you step inside the mentality of your target audience and try to imagine yourself being at the end stage of the product roll out. What features as a user of this particular service or product are actually ones that you desire, or more simply put, actually use. There is no point in developing a product or service with a million features and proposed applications whereby the end user only uses one of them. 

This way of thinking helps alleviate waste but more importantly allows you to connect with your client. After all, building loyalty programs is about relationships and you can only create them if you respect them and truly know who you are talking to. So when approaching your client, think about this next time when you try to create a persona.

Where to get data about your recipients?

If you have been operating on the market for some time, you most likely already have data about the consumers of your products or services. You can draw conclusions about repetitive behaviors and their patterns. You know the exact numbers and data, and you can observe their variability.

By paying more attention to the results, you can draw conclusions. However, dry data is often difficult to understand and navigate through. That is why you will need a clear dashboard and the support of professionals – at Spartavity we provide you with each of these elements. We will help you understand the most important indicators and set steps to improve them or new goals that you can achieve. And if you don’t have analytics yet – we’ll make up for it. It is part of our offer.

A loyalty program created with the recipient in mind

Each one of us has different preferences. Everyone expects special treatment and all the extra delights in life. However, at the level of needs, habits or consumer choices, it is easy to find many common features. If you find them for your target group, designing an attractive loyalty program will become much easier for you.

When preparing for it, you need to think about many factors that encapsulates a loyalty program. You need to be constantly thinking about how to build relationships with the target group step by step. Also what solutions will be natural for the user and if the benefits will be attractive? The very idea of ​​a loyalty program is not enough. The next step is proper communication and opening a level of dialogue with your customer. You need to figure out and understand which way to reach your customers that is most natural and effective at the same time. This is paramount to success due to creating a feedback loop between you and your customer. 

If you know who your target group is; create a plan and execute it. When creating your own loyalty program, combine your knowledge of the industry and sales with that of specialists in the field of building relationships. The flexible system created by Spartavity will enable you to act that will bring measurable results and overall customer retention. So much so, that you and your customers will truly build a fruitful and desired relationship, enviable to the competition.

Not bad to fall in love is it? 

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