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The Loyalty People and Sparta Loyalty unite and make its entrance into the markets of Western Europe

Sparta Loyalty unites with The Loyalty People

Sparta Loyalty has united with The Loyalty People – a global strategy consultancy with a laser focus on loyalty, CRM and customer engagement who provide themselves offering loyalty strategy solutions. Sparta Loyalty has also taken part in the largest retail and technology expo in the United Kingdom – The Smart Retail Tech Expo, where their partnership was solidified.

At the beginning of March, Sparta Loyalty made its way to London to exhibit at the Smart Retail Tech Expo in hopes of solidifying its position on the global stage as Europe’s leading Omnichannel Loyalty Ecosystem Provider. At the expo, there were over 9000 attendees with a mission to assess the vast expanse of the current Retail Tech industry, of which Sparta Loyalty is very much apart. 

‘Our attendance at the expo was an opportunity for us to showcase the very best of what Sparta Loyalty has to offer, particularly in the new climate of loyalty solutions’ – says Alexander Kubicki, Marketing Director for Sparta Loyalty – ‘It is evident enough to see that the current trends of customer experience and customer data monetization are the forefronts of every serious marketing strategy.’

Another mission for Sparta Loyalty at the expo was to solidify a partnership with The Loyalty People.

The Loyalty People are a powerful loyalty strategy consultancy whereby they consult, contract and connect businesses with real-time loyalty solutions. There tagline ‘Always customer-centric. Always data led’ is a clear indicator of their focused approach. Since the company’s foundation in 2018, they have built a global network of expert loyalty consultants and worked with some amazing brands including Mall of Qatar, Cadogan Estates, Christian Louboutin, Carolina Herrera, Papa John’s pizza, Benefit cosmetics and Decathlon. 

The main objective of The Loyalty People is to support brands in creating and delivering the world’s best loyalty and CRM programs. Their wealth of experience in all aspects of loyalty and flexible consultancy process makes them an invaluable resource for brands looking to build great customer strategy.  

‘We are a global ecosystem of experts, laser-focused on loyalty, CRM & customer engagement and we maintain that position as the core of our companies ethos’ – says Daniel Dunne, Strategic Partnership Specialist for the Loyalty People – ‘Our newfound relationship with Sparta Loyalty is an exciting new venture whereby we endeavour to help share Sparta Loyalty’s proprietary Sparta Loyalty Platform to new markets in hopes of great success.’ 

The Loyalty People’s results speak for themselves as their testimonials from western brands such as MKM Building Supplies, Molton Brown London and benefit San Francisco only praise them for their services. 

‘Our focus has been that of creating market-leading solutions for our partners and we provide a network of loyalty providers that allows our clients to select the very best loyalty solutions to suit their marketing goals’ – Tom Peace, Managing Director of The Loyalty People – ‘It is evident, now more than ever, that loyalty is not only a necessity in understanding your customer base but also is a prerequisite in being able to connect with them in any sort of meaningful way. This is exactly what we pride ourselves with.’

The Sparta Loyalty team meeting with The Loyalty People 

The Sparta Loyalty Platform is used to build loyalty programs for many customers in Poland. They mainly include companies from the clothing industry, such as New Balance or Samsung, gas stations, pharmacies, shops and service companies. Sparta Loyalty still wants to build a leadership position in the domestic market, but foreign expansion is also an important part of its strategy.

– We know how to build a strong position abroad – for example, we have been working intensively in Ukraine for years, serving one of the largest networks of OKKO gas stations, several medium-sized gas station chains and one of the largest chains of pharmacies, drugstores and restaurants – says Lukasz Grodzki – Head of Sales – Western Europe is now a natural direction of development for us as we wish to consolidate a strong connection and brand affiliation in the west through a distinct partnership with The Loyalty People. 

Sparta Loyalty expects the first effects of its foreign expansion, including contracts and implementations, later this year. The contacts obtained by joining the global community of professionals from the Loyalty & CRM industry – The Loyalty People – will help to achieve this goal.

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