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Our client is TARANKO – a brand from the premium segment operating for over 34 years on the Polish market, offering clothing and accessories for women. Known primarily for beautifully tailored dresses, its range also includes coats, sweaters, and blouses.

TARANKO products are created with customers and their individual characteristics in mind. This assumption also accompanied us when designing their loyalty program. Just like the brand’s dresses are designed to emphasize the character of the women wearing them, our program is to be a response to individual wants and needs.

Before starting our partnership, the brand already had its own preexisting loyalty program. However, TARANKO wanted to improve it and achieve new, ambitious goals. One of the goals is mentioned in TARANKO’s statement by the main representatives of the marketing team.

We decided to implement a loyalty program due to the desire to foster and create new avenues of contact with our customers. Until the implementation of the Sparta Loyalty platform hosting Taranko Club, it was impossible to use our loyalty cards in our online stores. Our e-shop is developing intensively, so we also wanted to appreciate our regular customers who buy online.

Challenges for the new loyalty program:

1. Acquiring knowledge about customers and clients of the brand.
2. Increasing the sale of complementary products.
3. Optimization of communication processes with clients.
4. Implementation of better analytics, allowing for extensive control of conducted marketing campaigns.
5. Increasing the company’s turnover.

Our idea for building relationships with clients

Club Taranko is a solution that works both in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Thanks to this, regardless of where the customer decides to shop, he or she can receive Status Points. It is through collecting these points that we based the mechanism of the loyalty program.

Points are awarded for each zloty spent during shopping. They are exchanged for specific discounts that accrue annually. For every 365 days, each client has a chance to achieve one of the two thresholds. The first threshold allows you to receive a 5% discount after collecting 1000 points. Exceeding 7,000 points allows you to take advantage of a 10% discount.

Each person participating in the collection of points also has the opportunity to earn an additional pool at the moment of joining the Taranko Club and on their birthday.

Discounts are not the only advantage of membership in the Club. Participants of the program also receive current offers and are informed in the first place about sales, new products, and special collections. Additionally, as part of the Club, you can gain access to exclusive discounts. Such actions effectively build the client’s bond with the brand whilst allowing them to feel as if they are a part of an exclusive group.

What effects did the implementation of ‘Club TARANKO’ bring?

The mechanics of the program effectively motivate the clients to buy by collecting points and encouraging them to obtain new discount thresholds. We, on the other hand, can observe their purchasing strategies, which allows us to prepare appropriate, more personalized communication that responds to their needs, requirements, and tastes. It is also extremely helpful when planning your collection. From the product part to marketing campaigns. The program also gives us the possibility of closer contact with our clients. On the occasion of the Christmas gifts we send to our most loyal customers, we managed to establish a direct relationship with them and thank them for shopping and choosing TARANKO. Thanks to the cooperation with Sparta Loyalty, we know exactly where our clients are from, we can invite them to our boutiques and inform them about important events and promotional campaigns. We want the customers of the Taranko Club to feel special, so they are the first to learn from us about all planned promotional campaigns. We still see many opportunities to develop relationships with customers and the fields of reaching them. Without an efficient loyalty program, it would be completely impossible.” brand representatives add.

Implementation of set goals, and development of the already existing loyalty mechanism – are the achievements that have become the share of the TARANKO brand. Thanks to the opportunities offered by joining the Club, clients are eager to use its rewards and offers. The brand itself can continue to improve its program and achieve new goals. How does the TARANKO team sum up our cooperation?

The collaboration with Sparta Loyalty has been great. The team we work with is always quick and helpful, and its members are happy to help us develop our program by proposing new solutions and always responding to emerging needs and problems. The strong point of this cooperation is efficiency and a partnership relationship. On the part of the system itself, the goals that we can achieve thanks to it are extremely broad, and the mechanics of its operation are very intuitive. “

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