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Verona Jewellery introduces its loyalty program and mobile app by Sparta Loyalty

Verona Jewellery, a jewelry brand belonging to YES Biżuteria SA, has launched the Verona Club loyalty program to provide its customers with additional benefits, both immediate and available in the medium and long term. An integral part of the program is a mobile application that allows managing coupons and discounts, contacting customer advisors, storing transaction history, and recommending the application to new users. It also includes a jewelry gauge and an innovative communication channel – Verona Stories. Sparta Loyalty was responsible for implementing the loyalty program and developing the mobile application.

Verona is a jewelry network with already 50 stores throughout Poland and a dynamically expanding eCommerce platform, verona.pl.

Jewelry follows strong trends, which means that novelties often appear on the market. Of course, there are also timeless designs with precious stones, rings passed down from generation to generation. However, in most cases, jewelry adapts to current fashion styles, seasons, or specific times of the year, including various holidays. Therefore, we decided to introduce a loyalty program to be in constant contact with consumers, inform them about novelties, offer coupons and promotions, thanking them for their loyalty to our brand,” says Daniel Górny, Loyalty Programs Specialist at YES Biżuteria.

The Verona Club loyalty program is based on a deep understanding of customer preferences, to which proposed discounts and coupons are tailored. The brand offers benefits in various time perspectives – immediate, medium-term, and long-term. This ensures attractive benefits are always waiting for customers.

“We are moving away from the scheme where brands reward customers only at the beginning, after joining the program, or even the opposite – in the distant future. We want this program to build a long-term relationship with our customers truly. We want to get to know them and offer promotions tailored to their preferences. And most importantly, we give them a choice – they can often choose interesting benefits from the available options themselves. Even right after registration, everyone can choose one of three benefits available at the start,” adds Daniel Górny from YES Biżuteria.

Verona’s customers can choose not only the type of coupons but also the way of contacting store advisors. The mobile application launched with the program assists users in activating their discounts, communicating with customer service, exploring the offer, checking the location of stores, or storing purchase history.

The mobile application is an essential element of loyalty programs today. It allows us to dispense with inconvenient and environmentally unfriendly plastic cards and provides the brand with additional data, allowing it to better understand the customer. For the customer, it becomes a central point of contact with the brand – displaying messages and personalized notifications, providing access to important documents, and information about available discounts, and rewards. It reminds them of important events and suggests products that fit upcoming occasions. All in one,” explains Tomasz Wawrzynów, CEO of Sparta Loyalty.

The Verona Club program offers users versatile benefits – discounts (attractive discounts for shopping), communication (the ability to stay in constant contact with the brand), and practical (evidence of purchase available in the application, a map of stores, or a jewelry gauge).

Users can join the program through the mobile application, which is available on Google Play and the Apple Store. The program operates in an omnichannel model, allowing the redemption of coupons both in the online store and in brick-and-mortar stores.

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